Douz Camel Tours

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Sunset Or Sunrise
1-Hours Camel Ride
Sahara Camel Trek
Full-Day Sahara Camel Trek
Over Night...
Overnight Camp With Dinner
Sunset Or Sunrise
One hour trip with a guide (max. 5 pers.), dunes nearby Sahara Gate

From €15,-
          for 1 pers. and 1 hour
Full Day Trip
Full day trip on Sahara - from sunrise to sunset with lunch and dinner

From €69,-
         for 1 pers.
Overnight camp with camel, dinner and breakfast
Overnight camp with classical arabic dinner and breakfast.

From €65,-
        for 1 pers.
Personal Wish...
Horse ride, jeep ride. If interested, a visit to the Sahara festival. Multiple day trip to explore the Sahara.

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Price according to services
Calling You!

Come with us for an enchanting experience on the Sahara dunas. Discover the playing colours of the sand at sunset or sunrise.Enter with us into the third dimension in absolute silence and darkness. Treat yourself to natural psychotherapy and peace of mind. You can visit unique places - lakes with mineral, healty water into central of Sahara. Become a member of the Tuareg culture for a day and more and more. An alternative can be a ride through the desert on horseback or by jeep. We are ready to put together a program according to your wishes. We hope - see you soon.
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